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 Photo Facials

Photo Facials are used to correct skin imperfections and to stimulate collagen production via the use of pulsed light. We are able to address problems such as age spots, sun spots, visible veins, blotchiness and fine lines. Clients with these issues can achieve amazing results.

Photo Facials are a process where light energy is emitted into the tissues targeting the imperfections. Most people describe the treatments as a gentle snapping sensation with minimal discomfort. Lesions such as age spots will darken immediately and then fade and disappear within 10-14 days. Visible veins will show an immediate response and will also fade over 10-14 days. It is possible to experience some swelling and redness, similar to that of a sunburn, and usually resolves in 24-72 hours. Side effects do not interfere with normal activities and can be covered with makeup the following day.

The number of treatments depends upon the individual. Most issues of pigmentation will show a dramatic improvement after one session. Spider veins and vessels often need repeated treatment because these issues lay deeper under the skin. The benefits of collagen production for fine lines is also more evident after a series of treatments

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